Your Guide to the Summer Solstice in Iceland

Chris Ayliffe, Founder of Arctic Meta

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, transforms into a magical wonderland during the summer solstice. This enchanting time of the year, marked by the Midnight Sun, offers an extraordinary experience for travelers seeking natural beauty and unique cultural festivities. Let this guide be your compass as you navigate through the wonders of Iceland’s summer solstice.

What is the Summer Solstice?

The church in Vík under the Midnight Sun in Iceland

The summer solstice is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth’s axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun, resulting in the longest day and shortest night of the year. This event typically happens between June 20th and June 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. In many cultures, the summer solstice is a time of celebration, marking the beginning of summer and the peak of daylight hours.

Throughout history, various civilizations have celebrated the summer solstice with rituals and festivals. For instance, the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramids of Giza to align with the solstice sunrise, while in Northern Europe, people gathered at Stonehenge to mark the occasion. In modern times, the solstice remains a time of festivity and reflection, especially in Iceland, where the natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun adds a layer of enchantment to the celebrations.

When is the Summer Solstice in Iceland?

People enjoying the long hours of the Midnight Sun in Iceland

In Iceland, the summer solstice usually falls on June 21st. This date may vary slightly each year due to the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The solstice is a significant event in Iceland, celebrated with various traditions and events that highlight the country’s rich cultural heritage and the unique natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

Iceland’s unique geographical position just below the Arctic Circle makes the summer solstice an especially significant event. The extended daylight hours and the ethereal light conditions create an almost surreal atmosphere that is both invigorating and peaceful. Locals and tourists alike take advantage of this period to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the country and partake in various solstice-related activities.

How Long is the Summer Solstice in Iceland?

During the summer solstice, Iceland experiences nearly 24 hours of daylight. The sun sets for just a brief moment before rising again, creating a twilight-like ambiance throughout the night. This extended daylight provides ample opportunity to explore Iceland’s stunning landscapes and partake in solstice celebrations.

The prolonged daylight hours are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking (e.g., visiting Landmannalaugar), sightseeing, and wildlife watching. Imagine walking through the lush Icelandic countryside, with the golden light of the Midnight Sun casting a magical glow over the landscape. Whether you’re exploring the iconic Golden Circle, hiking up to a glacier, or simply enjoying the serene beauty of a secluded fjord, the extended daylight enhances every experience.

What is the Midnight Sun?

Strokkur geysir erupting in Iceland's Golden Circle under the midnight sun

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in regions close to the Arctic Circle, where the sun remains visible at midnight during the summer months. This captivating event is a result of the Earth’s tilt, allowing the sun to stay above the horizon for an extended period. The Midnight Sun bathes the Icelandic landscapes in a surreal, golden light, making it an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The Midnight Sun has inspired countless myths and legends in cultures around the world. In Icelandic folklore, it is believed that the solstice night holds magical properties, with hidden beings like elves and trolls becoming more active. This sense of magic and wonder permeates the air during the solstice, making it a truly unique time to visit Iceland.

When Can I See the Midnight Sun in Iceland?

A man watching the Midnight Sun behind some mountains in Iceland during June

The Midnight Sun can be observed in Iceland from mid-May to late July, with its peak around the summer solstice. During this period, the sun barely dips below the horizon, providing continuous daylight and stunning, prolonged sunsets and sunrises. For the best experience, plan your visit around the solstice, when the phenomenon is at its most pronounced.

One of the best places to experience the Midnight Sun is in the northern regions of Iceland, such as Akureyri or the Westfjords. Here, the sun’s path creates an almost continuous loop, providing mesmerizing views that photographers and nature enthusiasts will adore. The combination of vibrant skies, dramatic landscapes, and serene coastal views makes for an unforgettable Midnight Sun experience.

Iceland Summer Solstice Celebrations

Icelanders embrace the summer solstice with a variety of festivities that celebrate their cultural heritage and the unique natural light. From bonfires and traditional foods to music festivals and magical beliefs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this special time.

1. Participate in Bonfires and Magical Beliefs

People sitting around a bonfire in Iceland

Bonfires are a central part of Iceland’s summer solstice celebrations. These gatherings symbolize the triumph of light over darkness and are often accompanied by folklore and storytelling. Locals and visitors alike come together to enjoy the warmth of the fire, sing songs, and share tales of magical creatures believed to be more active during this time.

Bonfires are typically held in scenic outdoor locations, such as beaches, parks, and hilltops, providing a perfect backdrop for the festivities. The crackling flames, coupled with the ethereal glow of the Midnight Sun, create a truly magical atmosphere. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with Icelanders, learn about their customs, and experience the timeless tradition of storytelling around the fire.

2. Sample Traditional Icelandic Food & Drinks

A traditional Icelandic Pylsu hot dog

No celebration is complete without indulging in local cuisine. During the summer solstice, you can savor traditional Icelandic dishes such as grilled lamb, fresh seafood, and hearty stews. Don’t miss out on tasting the unique Icelandic drinks, including Brennivín, a potent schnapps often referred to as the “Black Death,” and local craft beers that capture the spirit of the season.

Many towns and villages host food festivals and markets during the solstice, where you can sample a variety of Icelandic delicacies. From smoked salmon and pickled herring to skyr (a traditional Icelandic yogurt) and rye bread baked in geothermal springs, there’s a wide array of flavors to explore. These culinary experiences provide a deeper appreciation for Icelandic culture and the island’s rich culinary traditions.

3. Enjoy Icelandic Music and Dance

Live music in Reykjavík during Icelandic National Day

Music and dance are integral to Icelandic culture, and the summer solstice is the perfect time to experience this vibrant aspect of Icelandic life. Many towns and villages host concerts featuring local bands and musicians. Traditional Icelandic folk dances are also performed, inviting everyone to join in and celebrate the joyous occasion.

The solstice brings a lively and festive atmosphere to Iceland, with music echoing through the streets and public squares. You can enjoy performances of traditional Icelandic songs and contemporary music alike. Many of these events are held outdoors, allowing you to revel in the sounds of Icelandic music while basking in the Midnight Sun’s golden light.

4. Check Out the Secret Solstice Festival

Crowds of people enjoying the Secret Solstice music festival in Iceland

For a modern twist on solstice celebrations, the Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik is a must-visit. This annual music festival features international and local artists performing across various genres, from rock and pop to electronic and hip-hop. The festival takes full advantage of the Midnight Sun, with performances continuing late into the night, creating an electrifying atmosphere unlike any other.

The Secret Solstice Festival has gained a reputation as one of the most unique music festivals in the world, thanks to its stunning setting and eclectic lineup. In addition to the main stage performances, the festival offers a range of activities and experiences, including geothermal pool parties, midnight sun boat tours, and concerts inside lava tunnels. It’s an immersive experience that perfectly captures the magic of the Icelandic summer solstice.

Why is There a Midnight Sun in Iceland?

The Midnight Sun occurs due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis. During the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, allowing regions near the Arctic Circle, such as Iceland, to experience continuous daylight. This unique positioning means the sun does not fully set, creating the phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun.

The Earth’s axial tilt of approximately 23.5 degrees is responsible for the varying lengths of day and night throughout the year. During the summer solstice, the North Pole is tilted towards the sun, resulting in longer days and shorter nights in the Northern Hemisphere. In regions above the Arctic Circle, like Iceland, this effect is even more pronounced, leading to the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

How Much Daylight is There in Iceland During the Midnight Sun?

During the peak of the Midnight Sun, around the summer solstice, Iceland experiences almost 24 hours of daylight. The sun briefly dips below the horizon, creating a twilight effect before rising again. This extended daylight provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration, making it an ideal time to visit and discover Iceland’s natural wonders.

The continuous daylight allows you to pack more activities into your day without the constraint of darkness. Whether you’re hiking up a volcano, exploring ice caves, or taking a midnight dip in a geothermal pool, the Midnight Sun ensures you have plenty of time to experience everything Iceland has to offer. This extended period of light also means you can witness some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, with the sky painted in hues of orange, pink, and gold.

Staying at The Hill Hotel in Flúðir During the Summer Solstice

To make the most of your summer solstice adventure in Iceland, consider staying at The Hill Hotel in Flúðir. This charming hotel offers comfortable accommodations and a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploration.

Located in the picturesque town of Flúðir, The Hill Hotel provides easy access to some of Iceland’s most stunning natural attractions, including the Secret Lagoon and the Golden Circle. The hotel’s cozy rooms and exceptional service ensure a comfortable stay, while the on-site restaurant offers delicious local cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Flúðir is an ideal base for exploring the wonders of Iceland during the summer solstice, particularly the Golden Circle. The town is known for its geothermal activity, with natural hot springs and lush green landscapes. During your stay, you can visit the Secret Lagoon, one of

Iceland’s oldest natural pools, and enjoy a relaxing soak while surrounded by nature. The Hill Hotel also offers guided tours and activities, such as horseback riding, river rafting, and visits to nearby waterfalls and geysers.

During your stay, take advantage of the hotel’s guided tours and activities designed to help you experience the best of the summer solstice. Whether it’s a midnight hike under the glowing sky, a soak in a natural hot spring, or a visit to a local festival, The Hill Hotel offers a perfect base for your Icelandic adventure.


The summer solstice in Iceland is a magical time filled with endless daylight, vibrant celebrations, and breathtaking landscapes. From the enchanting Midnight Sun to the rich cultural festivities, there’s no shortage of wonders to experience. Embrace the spirit of the solstice, immerse yourself in local traditions, and explore the natural beauty of Iceland during this extraordinary time. Whether you’re dancing around a bonfire, savoring traditional dishes, or enjoying the lively atmosphere of the Secret Solstice Festival, your summer solstice adventure in Iceland will be an unforgettable journey into the heart of the land of fire and ice.

Iceland’s summer solstice is more than just an astronomical event; it’s a celebration of life, light, and nature. The unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern festivities creates an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. So pack your bags, set your sights on the land of fire and ice, and get ready to bask in the endless daylight of the Icelandic summer solstice. Your adventure awaits!

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